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ILC partners with World-Class institutions to provide impact, performance, and fidelity-based evaluation services. We provide research and evaluation consulting, data storytelling technologies, data management planning and logic model development.

We support our clients in writing winning proposals to launch STEM education programs and to do STEM education research. Together, we create social innovation in STEM—for your students’ success, organization’s resilience, and education’s evolution.

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Our Services

We provide research and evaluation consulting, data storytelling technology, logic model development, and STEM educational products and programs to support your vision.

Using proven methods of appreciative inquiry, human centered data collection and analysis, program intelligence, and change management, we foster inclusive cultures and diverse achievement.

Together, we create social innovation in STEM — for your students’ success, organization’s resilience and education’s evolution.

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Our Expertise

“In my position in the grants office, I have worked with Dr. Blackmon for almost eight years. Dr. Blackmon’s enthusiasm, evaluation expertise and support have helped our institution obtain millions of dollars in grant funding. Dr. Blackmon has been an External Evaluator for several of our projects and has also assisted as a consultant in the design and writing of many of our grant proposals. Dr. Blackmon’s work is of the highest caliber and she has a strong work ethic.”



Innovations in STEM Education & Evaluation

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Students First STEM Content Second

Some perceive that the STEM education reform movement began a few years ago. It did not. STEM educators have been trying to improve the way STEM subjects are taught and to increase underrepresented students’ access to these disciplines for more than 40 years—to my knowledge, since Sputnik. The work is slow, considering how long it […]

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Exemplary African American Science Teachers: Their Expert Knowledge as a Pre-Requisite for Social Innovation in STEM Education

Teachers of color can bring a rich, cultural perspective to the classroom and provide their students with insight to the diverse elements of society. The presence of culturally and linguistically diverse teachers in the classroom presents opportunities for cultural exchange, not only with students, but also with teachers’ colleagues and the community (Brooks, West-Olatunji, Blackmon, […]

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