A Tool for Enhancing Social Innovation in Science, Technology, Mathematics & Engineering (STEM) Education


If you’re an institution or entrepreneur catalyzing the next generation of STEM innovators, you know the importance of shifting common narratives/biases, creating inclusive cultures and championing diverse achievement.

STEM programs that attract new talent through relevancy, and foster intrinsic motivation through competency, autonomy and a sense of belonging, are far more likely to ensure students’ personal and professional success, as well as organizational resilience. This is the social innovation necessary to evolve education in the 21st century.

Mobilize Your Evaluations For Greater Impact

Gauging your effectiveness as a social innovator in STEM education can be daunting, especially when you’re in the midst of piloting new programs, scaling existing ones, and gearing up for the next round of funding.

Third party evaluators compile reports, but how well are these disseminated and utilized? Where is data from multiple sources aggregated and analyzed securely over time? How can evaluations be mobilized for maximum insights, engagement and impact?

Be Responsive, Relevant & Resilient

As a 22-yr veteran STEM education evaluator, Innovative Learning Center has observed these challenges up close. Our Social Innovation in STEM Tool, (a collaboration with our clients and technology partners), offers each client a customized, secure website embedded with interactive evaluation data visualizations and customized reports, designed to help you increase your responsiveness, relevance and resiliency.

“Chances of [social innovation] being successful will increase if we can share our experiences and quickly reflect on what works and what doesn’t.”

—The Open Book of Social Innovation, Robin Murray, Julie Caulier-Grice & Geoff Mulgan (Young Foundation & NESTA)

Interactive Data Visualizations & Rapid Analytics

View, analyze and share your data through an assortment of powerful data visualizations, powered by Tableau, that offer filtering options for comparing across program sites and over time.

Data Dissemination & Tracking

Export, print and share data visualizations and reports to promote greater awareness and a network of support. *Configure Google Analytics Data & Reporting features to track your site usage, audience, conversions, performance and benchmarks. *Add-on feature.

Multiple Data Sources

Connect to data from SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Excel, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, Hadoop, HP Vertica, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Salesforce, SAP, Splunk, Teradata and many more sources.

Branded, Unique Site

Visit your program’s evaluation site at: yourname.socialinnovationinstem.com. View your logo, color palette, and program imagery (as available) universally and within evaluation reports.


Protect your data with 256-bit Encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a 2-tier login process and regular updates and backups. All data is cleaned of participant identity in compliance with HIPPA.

Creating a Culture of Data

Through personalized training, feedback forums, and sharing of best practices, we help you implement a culture of data to maximize your tool’s adoption and impact.

With a team experienced at every stakeholder level—funding director, principal investigator, administrator, teacher, mentor, parent and student—we understand what’s required to engage an education community as changemakers. It’s also our passion and commitment.