We tutor students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics- STEM courses. We evaluate STEM programs.

Are your fingers crossed your child will make it through Algebra or Chemistry? Praying for 100 more points on the SAT? Worried about your child maintaining a HOPE-eligible GPA? The ILC team of tutors are skilled at helping students through science and mathematics courses and gain an edge on the SAT.

Support your child towards academic success, today.


We provide research and evaluation consulting, data storytelling technology, logic model development, and STEM educational products and programs to support your vision.

Using proven methods of appreciative inquiry, human centered data collection and analysis, program intelligence, and change management, we foster inclusive cultures and diverse achievement.

Together, we create social innovation in STEM — for your students’ success, organization’s resilience and education’s evolution.


“In my position in the grants office, I have worked with Dr. Blackmon for almost eight years. Her enthusiasm, evaluation expertise and support have helped our institution obtain millions of dollars in grant funding. She has assisted as a consultant in the design and writing of many of our winning grant proposals. Dr. Blackmon’s work is of the highest caliber and she has a strong work ethic.” Because we’ve been working with colleges and universities to develop and fund their STEM programs, we have a unique insight into what students need to be successful in STEM courses in grades K-12 and in college.

Innovations in STEM Education & Evaluation

Students First STEM Content Second

Some perceive that the STEM education reform movement began a few years ago. It did not. STEM educators have been trying to improve the way STEM subjects are taught and to increase underrepresented students’ access to these disciplines for more than 40 years—to my knowledge, since Sputnik. The work is slow, considering how long it […]

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Human-Centered Data Collection: Engaging Kinesthetic Learners

Start planning to collect impact data from your summer 2017 STEM education programs that will engage the minds and hearts of your kinesthetic learners. The ILC Human-Centered data collection process was built to respond to ALL types of learners including visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. For instance, we collect data from focus group participants about […]

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Nurturing Today’s STEM Leaders Now

I wrote a blog post one year ago today about Nurturing Today’s STEM Leaders Now. I continue to hear stories of students, women in particular, who do not feel like they are supported to succeed in the STEM enterprise. I continue to mentor those who ask or cross my path. The work reminds me that […]

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