ILC Ph.D. Level Consultants

Dr. Angelicque Tucker Blackmon, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

I am so excited about the growth and development of ILC! As the leader of ILC’s educational services designed to advance learning in STEM for all students, I look forward to meeting you and talking with you about how to measure the performance or impact of your STEM programs.

Dr. Nicole Barned, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Analyst/Consultant

I am a Data Analyst for ILC. I conduct SPSS analysis. Part of my research is on conducting quantitative studies that examine the knowledge and attitudes of early childhood preservice teachers regarding the Inclusion of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Beryl Otumfur, Ph.D.

Dr. Beryl Otumfur is a Quantitative Research Analyst at ILC. Her Ph.D is in Educational Psychology from Emory University. She specializes in quantitative research methodologies. She develops evaluation plans and data collection instruments; uses SPSS and STATA, Excel, and Cognos to conduct statistical analysis and report data. She manages large datasets for accountability, research, evaluation [...]

Dr. Heather Pleasants, Ph.D.

Dr. Heather Pleasants is a Qualitative Analysts for ILC.She has provided quantitative data collection and analysis for ILC for 9 years. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and instructor of qualitative research methods. Her scholarship focuses on issues of voice, leadership, storytelling and identity, particularly as these are connected to the lives and experiences of individuals [...]

Lauren Waring

Research Associate

I am a graduate of Emory University. My principal contribution in working with ILC is providing data entry and support for qualitative research and evaluation projects. My degree is in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. I have been providing services for ILC for the past year and enjoy ensuring the quality and integrity of the data provided by the firm.