Board of Advisors

Dr. Karen Falkenberg

Dr. Karen Falkenberg is a nationally and internationally recognized science and engineering education expert. She has B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in Educational Studies from Emory University with over 30 years as a teacher educator. She has numerous accomplishments to include a patent for solar cell technology and contributor to the publication Technically Speaking: Why all Americans need to know more about technology (2002) published by the National Academy of Engineering. She has taught over 1000 practicing and pre-service teachers and has individually coached approximately 100 teachers and 25 emerging leaders..

Mr. Jeff Miles

Mr. Miles has a B.A. degree in Management and Business Administration from the University of Northern Iowa and over 27 years in the hotel and hospitality industry, specifically in operations, sales, and revenue management. HIs role in acquisition and development is often relied upon to gain a crucial understanding of potential growth opportunities in future markets through his expert analysis. He will advise the ILC team on strategies to improve the management of revenue generated through ILC’s various strategic business units.